Best Health



6 A.M.

I wake up and do yoga. Sometimes I only have time for 10 minutes, but sometimes it’s up to 90 minutes. Then I walk my dog, Gus, near the Ottawa River. It’s physical exercise that lasts 30 to 45 minutes, but it gives me time for mental reflection, gratitude and beauty.

7 A.M.

I make time each morning for my personal writing and to set goals.

9 A.M.

My work involves various meetings with my staff members, and I do a great deal of consulting with stakeholde­rs, whether members, government or industry. I spend a lot of time talking on the phone.

12:30 P.M.

I tend to eat at my desk. There aren’t enough hours in the day if I don’t work through lunch. It’s a conscious choice. Gus comes to work with me every day, and we go for our walk at 1 p.m. He reminds me to get up and move around, and he is a good source of mental health in the office.

2 P.M.

I try to reserve time each day for writing, whether it's a presentati­on or an op-ed piece in The Globe and Mail about the work that the CFHS does. Our vision is a humane Canada, and part of my job is communicat­ing that to people in many different ways.

6 P.M.

Family dinners are a commitment. Both my husband and I are home for suppertime with our son and daughter.

9 P.M.

As any busy parent knows, there’s always prep work for the next day. Evenings are based on what’s on all of our agendas. If I didn’t get to do a good chunk of yoga in the morning, I’ll do some before I go to bed.

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