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WHEN YOU WANT TO PUT YOUR BEST FACE FORWARD, TOP IT OFF with a red lip colour. “It’s the power suit!” says Caitlin Callahan, a senior artist for M.A.C Cosmetics. “I don’t wear red lipstick every day, but there are days when it truly works. It’s confident, seductive and playful.”

Her pro POV takes an open-minded approach to cherry picking the right red for your skin tone. “Anyone can wear any shade,” says Callahan. “It’s really all about attitude.” Topping her list of go-to hues are vivid berry red for fair skin, tomato red for medium skin and a well-balanced vibrant red (a mix of warm and cool tones) for dark skin. Callahan also gives serious thought to texture as a highly customizab­le beauty accent. “Gloss is sexy, matte lipstick looks classic, and stain conveys a soft message,” she says. “It depends on how bold you want to be.” Where there isn’t any wiggle room is the best way to apply red lipstick. “It takes patience,” says Callahan. “The applicatio­n and maintenanc­e are not to be rushed. If you choose gloss or stain, that’s easier. A polished red lip should be symmetrica­l and have even coverage.”

Concealer, powder and lipliner can help. “If you want it a bit softer, trace the shape of your mouth with a neutral pencil and add red on top,” she says. To spot-check your results, use Callahan’s modern technique: “Take a photo when you’re done,” she says. “It’s easier to see if it’s crooked in a picture.”

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