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Welcome to 2018


ARE YOU READY FOR IT? A NEW YEAR OFFERS great possibilit­y, but it’s often tethered to an uncomforta­ble weight: an annoying little nag in the back of your brain that’s pressuring you – telling you it’s time to lose weight, get in shape or eat better.

In today’s all-or-nothing world, January 1st has been reduced to this: the day to press reset on your life.

At Best Health, we’re not fans of that notion. Healthy, sustainabl­e change doesn’t come from powering down your mainframe for a fresh start. Real change comes from taking tiny steps wrapped in positive and encouragin­g messages. You don’t need a full reset, more like an update to your existing software that will move you along the path to better health.

This Health Handbook is designed to support just that. We can help you discover tiny but powerful life tweaks (page F4), as well as learn how to start an athome fitness workout (page F6), free yourself of your cyber chains (page F10), add more veggie-based dinners into your diet (page F16), boost immunity (page F20) or try a cleanse (page F22).

Try everything, or just one thing. Take a month, or a year, to explore your potential. Your journey to wellness needs to happen on your time – not anyone else’s. And know this: We’re cheering you on, one (small) step at a time.

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