Best Health

Younger, Stronger, Sexier

This strength-training workout has been specially designed to tone your whole body and leave you looking – and feeling – fabulous |


WHEN IT COMES TO SETTING FITNESS PRIORITIES, TONING exercises should be high on your list – and for good reason: Strong, shapely muscles give you a slimmer look by improving your posture and tightening your torso. What's more, recent studies show that whole body strength training helps stave off stubborn belly fat, control diabetes and reverse muscle aging.

Get started with this 20-minute Best Health toning regimen designed by Amanda Vogel, a certified fitness instructor with a master's degree in human kinetics. It targets muscles in your arms, chest, abs, back, butt and legs. If you do these exercises twice a week or more, taking at least one day off between workouts, you’ll begin to see results in as little as four weeks.

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