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A coach isn’t just for sports — you can now hire a health coach to help you manage everything from your general health to your diet, nutrition and exercise goals.

“The majority of people who come to me, who are more serious about making changes, are people who have had some kind of scare,” says John Kahn, a freelance physical health and nutrition coach in Toronto. From a medical diagnosis to an acute injury, Kahn sees clients who are looking to manage their long-term health through guided nutrition and exercise. He not only meets with clients for a full assessment, he also looks over their medical records to create a comprehens­ive plan. For about the cost of a personal trainer ($80 per hour) Kahn coaches his clients using an evidence-based approach to map and measure their progress towards their health goals. But keep in mind, all coaches are not created equal. There’s a wide range of both medically focused coaches, such as registered nurses who can help patients manage medication­s, and lifestyle focused coaches, who manage diet and exercise. Look for a coach with a health education background or medical training through a certified organizati­on.

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