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GREEN MAKEUP IS BLOWING UP, AND we’re not talking about emerald-hued eyeliner. Cosmetics formulated with good-foryou ingredient­s are more plentiful than ever, with companies big and small stepping onto the growing playing field.

Exhibit A: Burt’s Bees. “It’s colour with care, and ingredient­s that will nourish your skin over time,” says Abena Antwi, lead innovation scientist behind the newly launched makeup line. “You’re getting the skincare benefit using the natural ingredient­s, versus the synthetic ones that give you the texture and the feel you want, but don’t have skin benefits attached to them.”

If product performanc­e has kept you from dabbling in natural products in the past, now is the time to experiment. “When I started 10 years ago, there were not a lot of natural ingredient­s out there,” says Antwi. Supply and demand has raised the bar of expectatio­ns, helping to kiss goodbye to compromise when it comes to longevity or colour payoff.

For Antwi and her team, who spent three years developing the full-fledged collection, that meant using cult-status beauty products as benchmarks while seeking alternativ­es to widely-used fillers. To create a winning foundation, a fundamenta­l in Antwi’s eyes, silicone was out. “[Traditiona­lly] you need silicone to help disperse the pigment, or a lot of the long-wear foundation­s have hard core synthetic polymers that will give you that resistance,” she says. The resulting blend with meadowfoam seed oil and fermented sugar cane squalene is packed with omega fatty acids to create a radiant look.

A product’s ingredient list, while unlikely to initially woo you as much as an eye-catching shade or fun packaging, is crucial. Becoming a savvy reader is the first step to making informed choices. “If something has shea butter in it and it’s right at the end you know there’s only a tiny little bit in the formulatio­n, and the company is just using it for the label,” says Antwi.

As with all things beauty-related, it’s what’s inside that counts.

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