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If you simply don’t like the taste of water, try one of these infusions: They are sugar- and caˆeine-free and boast natural flavours (basically fancy spa water with less cucumber chopping involved).


Download a free watertrack­ing app like WaterLama, which uses a simple visual reference (hint: it’s a certain South American animal) to help you monitor your H2O levels. It also tracks coˆee, tea, juice and energy drinks so that you can get the full pitcher (ha!).

Upping your water intake is the easiest, cheapest way to boost your well-being this summer: More energy, better digestion and healthier-looking skin abound. Here’s how to keep on sippin’.

Get in the habit of carrying a stainless steel or glass water bottle or stashing one in your car or desk. It’s not only better for the planet than plastic but it also serves as a visual reminder to drink up.


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