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These are the pantry essentials I reach for again and again to create layers of flavour in plantbased dishes. Plant-based, umami-rich foods like dried mushrooms, tomatoes (especially sundried and tomato paste), nutritiona­l yeast, tamari, and miso add complexity and robust savory flavours and textures. When a dish feels like it’s missing something, that’s usually because it needs one or more umamirich ingredient­s added in. Acidity is also crucial, so I always have a range of vinegars on hand like apple cider, white and red wine, rice, and balsamic, as well as fresh lemon or lime juice, to brighten the flavours and add zing to soups, stews, bowls and more. Finally, sometimes a little heat is all you need to round out a dish. Sriracha, red pepper flakes, chipotle powder, and cayenne pepper are some of my handy go-tos.

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