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Maybe you’re try­ing to cut back on spend­ing, or your aes­theti­cians are just harder to get to these days. Ei­ther way, you can take mat­ters into your own in­ex­pert hands with these tips from beauty in­dus­try pros.

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Level up a DIY fa­cial with French tech­niques from Regine Berth­elot of Cau­dalie Vinother­a­pie Spa in New York City. 1. Cleanse twice to fully re­move any makeup residue, pol­lu­tion and sunscreen from your face, and then use a gen­tle ex­fo­lia­tor to buff away dead skin cells. Make sure to ap­ply the prod­ucts with your whole hand to mas­sage your skin. 2. Pour boil­ing water (care­fully!) into a bowl, and add a few drops of es­sen­tial oil. Cover your head and the bowl with a towel. Take deep, re­lax­ing breaths for sev­eral minutes. 3. Ap­ply a toner, an es­sen­tial oil, a serum and/or a mask, all of which can pen­e­trate deeper into the skin now that your pores are open. Ap­ply each prod­uct by smooth­ing your hands from the cen­tre of your face to the sides. This will im­prove blood cir­cu­la­tion and lym­phatic drainage. In­stant Detox Mask, $47, cau­ 4. Fin­ish with the French fa­cial mas­sage called “palper rouler” — pinch and roll the skin with your fin­gers to lift and tone the mus­cles, boost col­la­gen and elastin, and re­oxy­genate the tis­sues — be­fore ap­ply­ing mois­tur­izer.

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