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Zit Tips

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What to do, de­pend­ing on the blem­ish:

Red pim­ple

Don’t squeeze! In­stead, ap­ply a hot com­press — the heat can break down the se­bum un­der the sur­face, which will bring down the in­flam­ma­tion. Fin­ish with a spot treat­ment.


We re­peat, don’t squeeze! In­stead, pull the skin tight on ei­ther side to stretch the blem­ish. The white­head un­derneath will force a tiny lit­tle tear in your skin to re­lease the im­pu­rity.


Use cot­ton pads soaked in mois­tur­iz­ing toner. (Tis­sues tend to dry out skin.) Put the cot­ton pads on your in­dex fin­gers and push down and around the pim­ple to squeeze out the oil un­der the sur­face.

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