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If only those hard-work­ing hooves could mag­i­cally buff and pol­ish them­selves. Leanne Fagan of Es­thet­ics by Leanne in Port Car­ling, Ont., of­fers her tips for a restora­tive pedi. 1. Re­move pol­ish a cou­ple of days be­fore a pedi­cure — your toe­nails are por­ous, and the skin be­low them needs to breathe. Mas­sag­ing cu­ti­cle oil into the nail beds will also hy­drate the skin un­derneath. CND So­lar Oil Care Pen, $18, shoppersdr­ 2. Fill a foot­bath up to your an­kles with luke­warm water, and add in 1/4 cup of Ep­som salts (or 1/2 cup mouth­wash, which per­forms a sim­i­lar an­ti­sep­tic duty); soak for 30 minutes to clean dead skin and bac­te­ria from un­der your toe­nails. 3. Place a towel over your fin­ger and gen­tly push back cu­ti­cles — you don’t need a spe­cial tool. Then, add a few drops of es­sen­tial oils like eu­ca­lyp­tus and men­thol to a thick mois­tur­izer and mas­sage all over your feet. It’ll re­fresh your feet and im­prove cir­cu­la­tion. 4. Cut or file nails straight across (if you cut into the cor­ners, you’re more likely to get in­grown toe­nails). If your nails are thick, stick to fil­ing so they don’t break down the sides. 5. Start with a base coat so the pol­ish colour doesn’t ab­sorb into the nail bed. Fol­low with two coats of pol­ish and a top coat, run­ning a hor­i­zon­tal swipe over the top and bot­tom edges of your nails to pre­vent chip­ping. Let the colour dry for at least an hour, or dip your toes in a freez­ing cold foot­bath for three minutes to harden the pol­ish and speed up dry­ing time.

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