Best Health : 2020-11-01



STAY HEALTHY AS YOU AGE WITH HAL & JOANNE OF BODYBREAK! AVO ID Frailty is a condition of reduced health and function. Older adults with frailty are more susceptibl­e to large declines in health from minor illnesses such as the flu or falls and are more likely to be hospitaliz­ed, need long term care or die. Frailty A – ACTIVITY – VACCINATE – OPTIMIZE MEDS – INTERACT – DIET & NUTRITION V O However, frailty is not an inevitable part of aging! There are steps that you can take to help you maintain your health, AVOID Frailty and take control ... I D AVOIDFRAIL­TY.CA – TAKE CONTROL To learn more and sign up for our newsletter visit Connection­s, avoidfrail­ t f @CFN_NCE Canadian Frailty Network