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- CHRISTINA VARDANIS Editor-in-chief

WE WANTED THIS month’s cover to feel like a shot of sunshine on what was pretty much guaranteed to be a cold, grey day (it is February, after all). To feel like an escape. We were less sure of how to pull it off, especially considerin­g the intensifyi­ng lockdowns that rolled out across Canada in January. I won’t give away any industry secrets here, except to say that it helps to have a killer art team that sees possibilit­y where others see limitation­s. What I love most about the cover, though, is that it speaks to so many aspects of pandemic life: We are all adapting to curveballs that constantly upend our routines. We are all solving problems in new and creative ways. And when the need to escape starts to feel more intense, we’re all daydreamin­g of being somewhere — anywhere — else. (Emphasis on daydreamin­g, for the politician­s who need to hear it.)

This cover also signals another step in the evolution of Best Health — a redesign that aims to bring you more of the content you love. Our new “Vitals” section is designed to educate, inform and introduce fresh points of view. It’s packed with stories about the latest fitness and beauty trends, revealing interviews with trailblazi­ng women and mini-guides that answer all your burning questions, like whether cannabis can kick-start your sex drive. (The short answer? It’s complicate­d. See page 22.) It’s also where you’ll find solid advice on finance and nutrition, as well as healthy and delicious ways to shake up dinner. (Do not sleep on chef Nuit Regular’s Spicy and Sour Soup on page 32.)

In “Goods” you’ll find product recos aimed at everyday problems (such as how to kick the winter blues, page 39). And our feature section, as always, showcases indepth looks at the people, places, ideas and issues (oh hi, perimenopa­use — page 46) that matter most to your health.

We hope this issue of Best Health offers its own kind of mini-escape — a chance to get lost in its pages, have a laugh and learn a thing or two along the way. Balloons not included.

 ??  ?? Gotta say, it was hard to not be on set for this. Mostly because it looked so darn fun.
Gotta say, it was hard to not be on set for this. Mostly because it looked so darn fun.
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