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Have flexible work hours one day each week! It never hurts to ask.


Being a caregiver isn’t easy. Throw in a full-time job (for ƪ0 per cent of %anadian caregivers) and a household with kids (for one third) and you’re left with a packed schedule and \ero free time. $ut your needs matter just as much as everyone around you, and it’s crucial that you make space for yourself. These tips can help.

Give yourself permission to take YOU time.

Taking time to care for your own physical and emotional health isn’t selfish, it’s necessary. If you’re irritable or rundown, you won’t be much good to anyone. Find something just for you—like a walk or a bath—and make it a priority every day.

Ask for help.

Think about what would make a difference in your schedule. 9ould it help if another parent could carpool! +f your child unloaded the dishwasher every day! +f you could

Find the right support products.

Make a stressful job easier by choosing bladder incontinen­ce products that keep the skin dry, clean and protected. %leanse with T'0A 2ro5kin %leansing %ream or 9ipes—no rinsing reSuired —and protect fragile skin with ProSkin $arrier %ream. ;ou can also opt for briefs with tabs like TENA ProSkin Unisex Briefs for easier changes.

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