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Go beyond frozen fish sticks with this “smart” toaster oven and air fryer combo


● It scans the food and identifies where heat is needed most (yes, it’s very smart) for roasted vegetables with a uniformly crisp outside and tender inside.

● The convection setting bakes bread, cookies, cakes

and pies to perfection. Think golden and crispy where you need it, soft and gooey where you want it.

● It fires hot and comes with a 12 pan to cook yoWr pK\\a (be it thin-, medium- or thickcrust) just the way you like it.

● The air fryer function means you just need a splash of oil to make super crispy fries, wings and other traditiona­lly deepfried treats.

Breville The Smart Oven Air Fryer B18Ƭ60, $530,

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