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Go well past smoothies with this immersion blender


● Instead of whisking your eggs, hit them with an KOOersKon DlenFer for 30 seconds before they go into the pan: The air you get into them will result in extremely creamy scrambled eggs.

● Throw an egg, a little mustard and lemon juice, some grated garlic and vegetable oil into a mason jar just slightly bigger than the head of the blender, and let it rip till emulsified. Voila: two-minute mayonnaise.

● Remove the skin and pith from an orange (or six) and chuck what's left into a jar. Blend it up until you get perfectly pulpy orange juice.

● Crush whole tomatoes right in the can for incredibly easy tomato sauce— or blend back together natural peanut butter that's separated in its jar.

KitchenAid Variable Speed Corded Hand Blender, $55,

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