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Three tips to banish kitchen grime, according to scientist and self-proclaimed “Germ Guy” Jason Tetro

●ԡDry your dishes well before you put them away; otherwise, microbes, like bacteria and fungi, could start to grow.

●ԡThe dish cloth or sponge is the germiest place in the house. Every single day, Tetro runs his sponge under very hot water because that helps to reduce the microbial load. Every week, he runs it under water, puts it on a plate, throws it in the microwave and cooks it for two minutes on high to kill all germs. And every month, he replaces it.

●ԡDisinfect your drying rack every couple of weeks. Tetro uses a disinfecta­nt made with hydrogen peroxide, but if you’re looking for a natural option, there are ones made with concentrat­ed citric acid that are fantastic.



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