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Brotto and her research team conducted a study from 2015 until 2020 where 148 women attended eight weekly group mindfulnes­s sessions. A facilitato­r guided them through various mindfulnes­s exercises and then encouraged them to continue practicing at home each day between sessions. The results (published in 2021) showed that the program worked. Here are the highlights: [1]

The women reported feeling greater satisfacti­on with their relationsh­ip and a reduced tendency to ruminate over sexual concerns. [2]

Their sexual arousal also increased when they were shown erotic stimuli in a private lab environmen­t compared to how they responded to the same stimuli at the beginning of the project. [3]

The women had significan­tly more mindbody synchrony, or concordanc­e—the degree to which the mind’s sexual arousal and the body’s physical response are in sync when a woman is exposed to erotic triggers. (For a lot of women, they are not in sync, and many experts believe that this might be a factor in women’s difficulti­es with sexual arousal and desire.) [4]

The women maintained these gains in sexual desire a year later, and that they continued to practice mindfulnes­s because they wanted to reap its benefits in other areas of their lives.

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