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① “Cover is on Theranos, the startup that’s try­ing to change

the blood test­ing in­dus­try. It’s re­ceived a lot of praise but is now be­ing ques­tioned over the ef­fi­cacy

of its tech­nol­ogy.”

“Sil­i­con Val­ley is a cruel, cruel

mis­tress. Who’s the CEO?”

“El­iz­a­beth Holmes. She’s been pho­tographed for For­tune, Forbes, Inc., T, Glam­our, WSJ, New Yorker,

and Time. Usu­ally with a neu­tral

ex­pres­sion, wear­ing a black turtle­neck, on a plain back­ground.”

“OK, well, Busi­ness­week is known for do­ing things dif­fer­ently while

re­ject­ing the sta­tus quo and break­ing the mold. We’re go­ing to shoot her in a biker jacket—but over a for­mal gown, on a red mo­tor­cy­cle, and the mo­tor­cy­cle will be smash­ing

through old-school blood test­ing ma­chin­ery, and she’ll be fist-pump­ing

as money rains down over her.”

“I’m ready to be blown away.”

② “Neu­tral ex­pres­sion, in a black turtle­neck, on a plain back­ground.”

“So, no mo­tor­cy­cle, but it’s a good photo. This is also why God in­vented wig­gly ty­pog­ra­phy. The no­blest of all ty­po­graph­i­cal ges­tures. Wig­gli­ness.”

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