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Lake Iseo, Italy: Take your better half to drink wine, climb a mountain, and drink wine


Two hours northeast of Milan, Lake Iseo is often overshadow­ed by the bigger, ritzier, George Clooney- er Lake Como. But Iseo is much more quaint. Decompress and reconnect with your better half against a dramatic backdrop of vineyards, medieval castles, and the roughly 5- square- mile, 1,400- foot- high Monte Isola, which soars up from the middle of the lake. This summer, all eyes will be on Christo’s next blockbuste­r art installati­on, The Floating Piers, his first outdoor project since 2005’s The Gates in New York. For 16 days in June, the public will be able to walk on water for almost 2 miles a top 200,000, floating cubes covered in glittering yellow fabric.

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