You don’t need pro­tein pow­der to make the ul­ti­mate sum­mer smoothie By Kayleen Schaefer

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Fun fact: Jack­fruit is the world’s largest tree­borne fruit. And with 20 grams of pro­tein per half- half-pound,pound, it’s a great re­place­ment for chalky- chalky-tast­ing tast­ing pow­ders. Fla­vor­wise, the jack­fruit lives some­where be­tween mango and ba­nana— meaty but sweet. Plus, it’s packed with me­tab­o­lism- revving vi­ta­min B and mus­cle- sooth­ing potas­sium. New York’s Juice Gen­er­a­tion is blend­ing jack­fruit with chia seeds, frozen ba­nana, and young Thai co­conut wa­ter (plus op­tional agave syrup) in a drink it calls Trop­i­cal Jack­fruit ($ 10), avail­able in June. Juice Gen­er­a­tion founder Eric Helms says, “One of my store man­agers, from Bangladesh”— Bangladesh”—where where jack­fruit is the na­tional fruit—“fruit—“had­had been ask­ing me for years to use it in our stores. He fi­nally fi­nally brought in a 10- 10-pound pound jack­fruit for me to try, and its fla­vor fla­vor and con­sis­tency blew me away.” <BW> <BW><BW><BW><BW><BW><BW><BW><BW><BW><BW><BW>

Want ex­tra fiber and even more pro­tein? Add 2 tea­spoons of chia seeds. which ruit, jackf plus The to80- grow ented can segm ds,is poun sixor .Use t in­side abou ( lobes seven the es)for ounc thie. 8 smoo Jack­fruit is usu­ally sold at Asian mar­kets. But be­ware: It’s sticky. Coat your knife and hands with a fla­vor­less oil be­fore cut­ting, if you’re blend­ing at home. One-half to three- quarte rs ofacup of potass ium-rich co­con ut wa­ter de­live rs elec­tro lytes. A frozen ba­nana pro­vides body and even more elec­trolytes.

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