43, teacher, Durham Academy, Durham, N.C.

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What’s your job?

I teach photograph­y and video for grades 9 through 12. I’m also a vis­ual artist and drum in a band called Les Savy Fav.

How do you dress for school?

There’s no code for the stu­dents, but there is for the teach­ers. I have to wear a shirt and tie, no jeans, no sneak­ers. Prior to this, I never had a day job, so it’s ex­otic and fun to wear a tie to work.

That’s a cool shirt.

When my wife and I cel­e­brated our 10th an­niver­sary, I blew all my fre­quent-flier miles on a trip to Paris. There was a bag­gage han­dler strike at the air­port, and—long story short—we got to go shop­ping on Delta’s dime. This was one of the amaz­ing dress shirts I bought; pur­chas­ing it felt so lux­u­ri­ous. It opened up a new and dan­ger­ous world of shop­ping for me.

Did you get your tie in Paris, too?

No. It’s from my friend Emil [Cor­sillo]’s com­pany. It adds pop and con­trast with­out go­ing too far out there.

Are your shoes vin­tage?

The idea is that they look vin­tage, but I got them new. I love how non­de­script they are.

What’s the story with your belt?

I get one and wear the hell out of it. This is re­plac­ing an­other that fell apart. Why a watch and not just a cell phone? We have a sadis­ti­cally com­pli­cated sched­ule at the school—it’s dif­fer­ent every day, noth­ing is on the hour, and there are no bells—so it’s crit­i­cal to wear a watch.

It’s ana­log?

I teach dark­room photograph­y, and a dig­i­tal watch can ex­pose film. Plus, I’m al­ways haul­ing things around and wash­ing chem­i­cals out of tubs, so I can’t have any­thing too valu­able. Some­thing durable and cheap is all I need.

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