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Astrology: There is a better break room in your future

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- By Ashleigh D. Johnson

At the start of the month, Jupiter, Pluto, and Mercury come together in a triangular formation known as a Grand Earth Trine, a harmonious planetary alignment that will have you feeling as if you’re on a lucky streak, especially when it comes to making money. Instead of skipping out to happy hour, put in some more time on that report you’ve been grinding away on, and you can expect a windfall by the end of the month. Also, take a hard look at your personal finances; get rid of bad money habits, and adopt better ones.

On the 4th, the new moon will be in Gemini, making that a great day to update your social media strategy. Gemini, the sign of communicat­ion and learning, also rules community, specifical­ly the sharing of small bits of informatio­n among members. Then on the 12th, Mercury, the planet of communicat­ion and intellect, moves into Gemini, which will give your negotiatio­ns a power boost. It’s all building to the 17th, when Venus, the planet of money and attraction, moves into the house of Cancer, which rules domestic matters and feelings of security. With your social media messaging set, you’ll be able to use this time to nurture your clients and staff. Could the office break room use better coffee? Go ahead and spring for it.

Make sure you aren’t fooling yourself in any of your decisionma­king. Neptune goes into retrograde on the 13th in Pisces, but you probably won’t even notice. Neptune is the planet of illusions, and Pisces is the sign of the subconscio­us and self-sacrifice.

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