If You’re Into It: An Erotic (or not) Choose Your Own Ad­ven­ture Story About Practicing Good Con­sent

Litzine, Ce­leste Inez Mathilda, Episode 1: Hit The Dance Floor, of­coursey­ou­can.etsy.com, $4

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Do you re­mem­ber those Choose Your Own Ad­ven­ture nov­els you may or may not have read on your school bus in ju­nior high? Well, this zine is a new take on that con­cept. This time around, you’re at a party and the theme is con­sen­sual activities. If you are able to get through the evening practicing good con­sent, you may make a new friend, get some ac­tion or have a fun time danc­ing. If you do not prac­tice good con­sent you will be de­stroyed, pos­si­bly by a rap­ing, head-eat­ing pray­ing man­tis.

I read the zine like I do all Choose Your Own Ad­ven­tures; I made my choices not based on what I would do in the sit­u­a­tion but rather by pick­ing the op­tions at ran­dom. It took me a while to have any­thing pos­i­tive hap­pen to me. First, I prac­ticed poor mosh­ing eti­quette and was de­stroyed. Af­ter that I kissed a per­son who was asex­ual with­out their con­sent and was de­stroyed. Fi­nally, af­ter many failed ad­ven­tures, I kissed a dance floor beau who gave me what I think was a hand job in the back room. It’s hard to tell since all the char­ac­ters are non-gen­der spe­cific: it’s a clever way to make the ad­ven­ture work for all gen­ders and sex­ual pref­er­ences. It also makes for some fairly vague but still some­how hot and sexy sce­nar­ios.

So — if this zine is an ed­u­ca­tional tool, what did I learn? I learned that ev­ery­thing lead­ing up to any sort of sexy en­counter is com­pli­cated; an ex­cit­ing se­ries of mu­tual agree­ments. The mo­ment we step out­side of that se­ries of agree­ments to fast track our own de­sires or to dis­re­gard the other per­son, we put our­selves and the other per­son in the dan­ger zone. (dus­tan j. hlady)

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