Broken Pencil

For Tiny Tech Zines, print is high tech

- by Stefanie Ucci

Zine culture might seem an odd fit for the tech sector. But one La-based crew see radical potential in the pairing. Together they organize Tiny Tech Zines. The organizers aim to use the zine fair to support emerging and marginaliz­ed tech workers especially.

“There are a lot of important conversati­ons and new voices,” says TTZ organizer Rachel Simanjunta­k. She says an outpouring of community enthusiasm validated the need for the zine fest. “Our responsibi­lity was to make a loving, thoughtful space for them.”

But why go lo-fi in response to high tech? TTZ’S Tyler Yin says that for one, print can disrupt suffocatin­g online echo chambers.

“You could easily be missing out on varying perspectiv­es,” Yin says of digital discourse. For him, and in-person print-centric event allows underrepre­sented creators and tech workers to bridge those different lived experience­s.

Organizer Tristan Espinoza challenges the very premise of high vs. low. After all, zines are technology too.

“Part of why we are using zines is to flatten hierarchie­s and expand people’s ideas of technology beyond screens.” Visit tinytechzi­ (Stefanie Ucci)

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