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Ques­tion: I moved into my condo in May of 2007 and for the past two win­ters, the pipes lead­ing to my shower have frozen, leav­ing me with no wa­ter.

There are signs of a mois­ture leak in the ceil­ing, in­di­cat­ing that wa­ter is com­ing from the ceil­ing above my unit. My man­age­ment com­pany tells me it is my prob­lem.

Whose re­spon­si­bil­ity is it to re­pair the pipes and mois­ture leak?

— K.S. An­swer: Gen­er­ally, pipes are con­sid­ered com­mon el­e­ments and should be re­paired by the condo. This is es­pe­cially so if the pipes are freez­ing, since this means they were im­prop­erly in­stalled and in­su­lated by the builder.

Mois­ture from the ceil­ing is also not your prob­lem since it comes from ei­ther an­other condo and the plumb­ing was poorly done.

There is also a health is­sue if mould starts to form in the walls or on the ceil­ing.

I would re­visit the is­sue with the condo board or man­age­ment com­pany.

They may have to hire an en­gi­neer to de­ter­mine the source of the prob­lem. That re­port will add weight to your ar­gu­ments.

Ques­tion: In May of 2008, I pur­chased my home from a builder and we hired a lawyer to han­dle the clos­ing.

We still have not re­ceived any of the pa­per- work, such as copy of the deed or mort­gage.

I called the lawyer’s as­sis­tant ear­lier this sum­mer and she said she will send it out, but I still do not have it. Is this nor­mal?

— S.M. An­swer: The time be­tween clos­ing and re­ceiv­ing your pa­per­work is ex­ces­sive.

Any­where from 30 to 90 days is nor­mal. More than a year is not.

Write the as­sis­tant a let­ter ask­ing for your pa­per­work within 10 days. If that gets no re­sponse, then call the Law So­ci­ety in your prov­ince and com­plain.

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Prob­lems with frozen pipes lead­ing to a shower have an owner seek­ing ad­vice.

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