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Q: Tell us about the most ex­otic item you have in your re­frig­er­a­tor.

A: Ital­ian cher­ries called Amarena from Bologna. They’re pack­aged in heavy syrup and you can eat them on ice cream. I pre­fer mine in Man­hat­tans.

Q: What are we never go­ing to find in your fridge?

A: Mint! All my friends laugh at me, in­clud­ing the chefs I know, be­cause if you ask me, mint be­longs in tooth­paste or gum. My friends de­fend its fresh­ness and adapt­abil­ity. I find it over­whelm­ing to the palate.

Q: What are we al­ways go­ing to find in your fridge?

A: I adore eggs so you’re al­ways go­ing to find lots of them. Break­fast or brunch is my favourite meal of the day. For me, it’s an oc­ca­sion.

Q: Tell us more about the con­tents of your fridge?

A: To­day I have rap­ini — an Ital­ian leafy kind of thing that I love. If I ever get mar­ried, rap­ini will be my wed­ding bou­quet. I’ve also got ready-to-drink Belli­nis. And red and yel­low pep­pers, but green pep­pers — to quote my friend, chef Liana Rob­berecht — “have no busi­ness.”

Q: What’s the most mean­ing­ful item you’ve got in your re­frig­er­a­tor right now?

A: Well, the first thing my late mom used to think when she got up in the morn­ing was ‘What am I go­ing to feed my fam­ily for din­ner?’ She con­sid­ered it her job to make sure we had great meals. She made a red pep­per jelly that was out­stand­ing. My sis­ter re­cently made her recipe and gave me some.

Q: Care to dish on the con­tents of your freezer?

A: Multi-coloured plas­tic mar­tini shak­ers poised and ready for ac­tion. Freezies for my niece and nephew. Bi­son Grass Vodka. Straw­ber­ries and Spolumbo sausages.

Q: What else makes your fridge shelves reg­u­larly?

A: I’m a fruit princess, so you’ll find Gala ap­ples, black­ber­ries and rasp­ber­ries. And you’ll al­ways find lit­tle jars of jam that I, ahem, of­ten lift from room ser­vice when I’m trav­el­ling. From Dick­in­son’s Sweet Or-

1 tbsp

1 tbsp


1/4 cup ange Mar­malade to Black­berry Pre­serves.

Q: You’ve got loads of jel­lies and jams in your fridge. Mar­ion berry and bal­samic jam from San Fran­cisco. White wine jelly. Porto jelly with spices. What gives?

A: I like to serve them with cheese at happy hour. I grew up watch­ing adults around me con­nect at happy hour af­ter a long work day. It was lovely to ob­serve as a child and it has be­come a tem­plate for me. It’s about a mo­ment that lets loved ones come to­gether. So my fridge is stocked mainly to sup­port my two favourite oc­ca­sions of the day: break­fast or brunch — and happy hour. (15 mL) diced shal­lots

(15 mL) butter or­ganic farmer’s eggs (50 mL) cream sea salt and fresh ground pep­per 1/2 to 3/4 large ball of fresh buf­falo

(Pa­tri­cia likes the Buf­falo Moz­zarela she finds at Lina’s Ital­ian Mar­ket and Cap­puc­cino Bar, 2202 Cen­tre St. N.E.)

Pre­heat oven to 400°F (200°C).

Us­ing a cast iron fry­ing pan (or a fry­ing pan you can put in the oven), sweat shal­lots over medium heat in butter un­til shal­lots are translu­cent and golden brown.

Whisk eggs with cream and salt and pep­per and add to shal­lots in pan as soon as shal­lots are ready.

Us­ing a spat­ula, pull the sides of the mix­ture into the cen­tre of pan for a minute over medium heat, al­low­ing for loose mix­ture to flow out and com­pletely cover bot­tom of pan.

When there is no loose liquid re­main­ing (and the en­tire bot­tom of the pan is cov­ered in egg mix­ture), place fry­ing pan into oven on cen­tre rack for 5 to 7 min­utes or just be­fore frit­tata is com­pletely set.

While frit­tata is bak­ing, tear mozza ball into wal­nut-sized bites and snip basil into small pieces as well.

Again, just be­fore frit­tata is com­pletely set, re­move from oven and place mozza and basil evenly over top along with a dash of pep­per.

Bake again in oven un­til cheese browns and edges be­come crispy and eggs are com­pletely set (ap­prox­i­mately 4 more min­utes).

Re­move from oven and let rest for a few min­utes.

The frit­tata should then slide eas­ily from pan onto a cut­ting board like a pizza.

Slice as you would a pizza and serve with de­sired side.

Serves 2.

Pa­tri­cia Koyich stocks her fridge with fruits and lit­tle jars of jam.

Pho­tos: Leah Hennel, Cal­gary Her­ald

Pa­tri­cia Koyich with her favourite foods in her fridge at her home in Cal­gary.

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