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and sage mix­ture. Ap­ples are in sea­son and go well with pork so, af­ter the roast cooked a while, I sur­rounded it with pieces of ap­ple tossed with a touch of spice.

When the pork is cooked and sliced, and the ap­ples hot and ten­der, you com­bine the two on the plate and driz­zle them with a jus spiked with ap­ple cider. It’s a lovely au­tumn dish you could serve with small boiled or steamed mini pota­toes tossed with but­ter and pars­ley, and a green veg­etable, such as green beans or zuc­chini.

My sec­ond recipe is a meat-free one that in­volves rolling flaky phyllo pas­try into sin­gle-serv­ing parcels filled with a rich-tasting spinach, yam and feta mix­ture. There is a bit of prepa­ra­tion time re­quired to make the phyllo parcels. You’ll need to cook, drain and chop spinach; bake, peel and cut a yam; make the fill­ing; layer the phyllo; and then make the parcels. How­ever, I think the tasty re­sult is worth the ef­fort and there is good news. The phyllo parcels can be made a few hours be­fore needed, cov­ered and re­frig­er­ated un­til ready to bake and serve.

Once baked, the hot and flaky phyllo parcels are served with cool tzatziki sauce for dip­ping. Try serv­ing this dish with a green salad adorned with a fine mix of sliced raw veg­eta­bles.

I en­joy flavour­ing cran- berry sauce in all sorts of ways. In my last recipe I did so Asian-style by mak­ing a sweet and sour cre­ation ac­cented with five-spice pow­der, an aro­matic mix con­tain­ing Szechuan pep­per­corns, star anise, cloves, cin­na­mon and fen­nel seeds.

I didn’t serve that sauce with tur­key; I served it with salmon fil­lets that I sim­ply baked topped with a lit­tle but­ter and orange juice. The sauce and the fish were a fine com­bi­na­tion that you could serve with rice and a sim­ple, but colourful, mix of stir-fried veg­eta­bles.

fill­ing.) Set the spinach on a cut­ting board. Re­peat with re­main­ing spinach in the colan­der. Coarsely chop the spinach and set in a medium to large bowl. Add the feta, Parme­san, eggs, nuts, dill or mint, gar­lic and black pep­per and mix to com­bine. (The feta will add a salty taste to the fill­ing.)

Care­fully re­move the skin from the yam with a small knife. Slice the yam into 3/4-in. (1.9-cm) thick rounds. Now cut each round into 3/4-in. (1.9-cm) cubes. Add the yam cubes to the spinach mix­ture and very gen­tly mix to com­bine. Di­vide spinach/yam mix­ture into 6 equal por­tions, each should be about 2/3 cup (160 mL), and set on a wide plate.

Pre­heat the oven to 375 F (190 C). Line a bak­ing sheet with parch­ment pa­per. Brush a sheet of phyllo pas­try lightly with melted but­ter. Top with an­other sheet of phyllo and brush it with but­ter. Do these steps twice more; you should end up with four sheets of lay­ered pas­try.

Cut the lay­ered sheets, width­wise, in half. Set a por­tion of the yam–spinach mix­ture in a row of 5 inches by 2 inches near the bot­tom end of each half piece of lay­ered phyllo. Fold the sides of the phyllo slightly over the yam– spinach mix­ture and then roll into a cylin­der. Set each phyllo par­cel on the bak­ing sheet and brush the tops with a lit­tle but­ter.

Re­peat these steps with re­main­ing phyllo sheets and fill­ing and you will end up with 6 phyllo parcels. (If mak­ing the phyllo parcels a few hours in ad­vance to bake later, tent with plas­tic wrap and re­frig­er­ate them now.)

Bake phyllo parcels in the mid­dle of the oven 20 min­utes, un­til golden brown on the out­side and pip­ing hot in the mid­dle. Serve parcels whole, or slice each one in half and art­fully ar­range on plates. Serve with tzatziki sauce and gar­nish with dill or mint sprigs.

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