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Down­siz­ers may also be just as happy with these ap­pli­ances, as they are new and will mean a fresh start.

But don’t fall into the trap of just as­sum­ing that what­ever ap­pli­ances are in­cluded will be suf­fi­cient. In­stead, comb over the model suites with care and con­sider up­grad­ing ap­pli­ances that you will use of­ten or get more joy out of us­ing.

Whether you are an as­pir­ing gourmet chef or merely com­bine ce­real and milk in the morn­ing, you likely spend con­sid­er­able time in your kitchen. So, what will make your kitchen more func­tional, user-friendly and en­joy­able?

Here are a few ap­pli­ances wor­thy of con­sid­er­a­tion, de- pend­ing on your use of the kitchen.

If you’re a chef, you will want sev­eral key ap­pli­ances. The first is a good hood fan, some­thing that will keep your condo smoke-free but will not be too loud, given that noise is more con­cen­trated over smaller floor plans. Be wary of the microwave-cum-hood fan that sits over your stove and is of­ten fea­tured in model suites. This combo is fine if you don’t cook much but, if you do, you’ll find you will need a real hood fan to ab­sorb smells and steam.

Do you spend more time cook­ing or bak­ing? Your an­swer could af­fect whether an elec­tric or gas oven is best for you. Also, think about the size of the oven. If you like to host big turkey din­ners, for in­stance, get an oven that will hold your bird.

There are many other nifty ap­pli­ances to con­sider if you have the space. Would a warm­ing drawer be use­ful to keep food, dishes and mugs warm for com­pany, or would you end up us­ing it as a stor­age drawer? An­other op­tion is a cup-warm­ing drawer be­neath your cof­fee maker (try Miele’s).

Fre­quent hosts may also like the idea of a wine fridge or a sec­ond dish­washer. No room for two dish­wash­ers? Maybe there is enough for a half dish­washer in­stead.

A trend I have started notic­ing is be­low-counter mi­crowaves to save counter space and stream­line the over­all look, as well as microwave draw­ers. Though new and pop­u­lar, re­mem­ber that these draw­ers have to be pushed closed, cre­at­ing a po­ten­tial for spills.

What­ever ap­pli­ances you choose, make sure they rep­re­sent your liv­ing needs. Pur­chas­ing ap­pli­ances for re­sale or to please oth­ers will mean you live with wasted space in limited square footage.




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Don’t as­sume stan­dard ap­pli­ances in­cluded with your condo will be suf­fi­cient for your needs. Con­sider up­grad­ing the ones you use of­ten.

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