Erot­ica writer doesn’t mind be­ing com­pared to E.L. James

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Q: It’s been more than a decade since your first book, 2001’s Ad­dicted, was first pub­lished. Are you sur­prised that fans are so ex­cited about the movie?

A: It am sur­prised by it, but it’s won­der­ful. It just means that it’s an ever­green story. It’s re­ally time­less. Women 100 years ago were deal­ing with th­ese sorts of is­sues,

What is the first rule of in­ter­view­ing Zane, who be­came a best­selling au­thor by spilling all the naughty de­tails of her char­ac­ters’ sex lives?

Don’t ask about her de­tails. Specif­i­cally Zane’s re­cent money woes, which in­clude owing $337,151.85 in back taxes to the state of Maryland and fil­ing for bank­ruptcy in June.

“You know the run­down, right?” asks the pub­li­cist work­ing the red car­pet Mon­day night at the lo­cal premiere of Zane’s first book­turned-movie.

“The book and the movie. Noth­ing about her fi­nances in gen­eral or any­thing like that re­ported in the Wash­ing­ton Post.” and they’ll be deal­ing with them 100 years from now.

Q: A hun­dred years ago women were sex ad­dicts?

A: It’s about not feel­ing like they can com­mu­ni­cate and be hon­est with their mates in a mar­riage. Feel­ing like women are the weaker sex to a de­gree. Not re­ally feel­ing com­fort­able in their sex­u­al­ity or their hus­bands not un­der­stand­ing that women are just as sex­ual by na­ture as men, if not more.

Q: So-called “mommy erot­ica” is hav­ing a mo­ment. Au­thor E.L. James’ in­sanely popular Fifty Shades of Grey will be in the­atres the day be­fore Valen­tine’s Day. Do you mind the com­par­isons?

A: I hon­estly I don’t mind it. I haven’t read the book so I re­ally can’t make any com­par­isons my­self. But I think there’s enough room for every­body, and I’m re­ally glad to see fe­male sex­u­al­ity be­ing em­braced on all lev­els. Q: What’s next for you? A: My first play launches Oct. 21 in Dal­las … And the week after Valen­tine’s Day, we’re go­ing to 40 ci­ties …. It’s based on my lat­est book about a young woman who lives here in the D.C. area, and who’s very bit­ter. Then she meets a young man at the Carolina Kitchen, who is a vas­cu­lar sur­geon.

Q: And? And? Bed-hop­ping en­sues?

A: It’s all about how two ma­ture peo­ple who have been through a lot can es­tab­lish a work­ing re­la­tion­ship — if they’re will­ing not to run away or take an easy way out.

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Best-sell­ing au­thor Zane’s first book Ad­dicted is now out as a movie.

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