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All signs: We have the “all clear” to­day to shop and do busi­ness.


To­day: It might be dif­fi­cult deal­ing with author­ity fig­ures. Your in­ter­ac­tion could be a downer. Bosses might be de­mand­ing, crit­i­cal or dis­cour­ag­ing. This is just a tem­po­rary in­flu­ence — don’t take it se­ri­ously or per­son­ally. Re­lax. Sun­day: Dou­ble check in­for­ma­tion about debt, taxes, shared prop­erty, in­her­i­tances and bank­ing de­tails be­cause some­thing un­ex­pected might throw you for a loop. Be proac­tive in case you can save your­self from a bad sit­u­a­tion.

This week: You’re ready to put your cards on the ta­ble, es­pe­cially with a close friend or part­ner. Nat­u­rally, this will cre­ate ten­sion. On the other hand, this could be your chance to air your griev­ances and speak up about some­thing that both­ers you. It’s a tricky choice. Whether you should clear the air or stay mum. (Aries don’t do mum.) For­tu­nately, in­ti­macy is sweet and en­cour­ag­ing. Fur­ther­more, you might at­tract money to you through your spouse or a busi­ness part­ner, which means this is a good time to ask for a loan or fi­nan­cial sup­port.


To­day: Rules re­lated to the law, the church, so­ci­ety or school could cramp your style. Per­haps a teacher will rain on your pa­rade? This is tem­po­rary. By next week, you’re laugh­ing!

Sun­day: Be diplo­matic and charm­ing with friends and part­ners. Use your warm diplo­macy to head off some­thing un­ex­pected that you might not like. At the least, be pre­pared for a few sur­prises from some­one.

This week: You’re gung ho to work hard and get things done. Plus you will take pride in how much you ac­com­plish. Ad­mit­tedly, you might have to work for oth­ers now, which will not please you. Move your­self into a po­si­tion where you don’t have to work with or for oth­ers more than nec­es­sary be­cause you don’t feel like a team player right now. Mean­while, your re­la­tion­ships will im­prove — even re­la­tions with your en­e­mies. You’re able to un­der­stand the needs of oth­ers and this helps you work to­gether har­mo­niously. It’s a good week to mend bro­ken fences.


To­day: You might feel a fi­nan­cial squeeze play. Per­haps you ex­pected more from some­thing that is di­vided? Per­haps you’re get­ting less from a part­ner or close friend? Stay on top of this. Sun­day: Your work rou­tine might be in­ter­rupted by some­thing un­ex­pected.

Know­ing this ahead of time, give your­self some wig­gle room to deal with sur­prises.

This week: You want to be play­ful. You will seek out amuse­ments and op­por­tu­ni­ties for self-ex­pres­sion be­cause you want to do ex­actly what you want to do. Oh yes, you’re not into self-de­nial or post­pon­ing self grat­i­fi­ca­tion. Phys­i­cal in­ti­macy will be hot and sexy and prob­a­bly at the ex­pense of ro­mance be­cause you are in­clined to put your own needs first right now. But you re­al­ize you have to deal with the real world — not just fan­tasies. This makes you will­ing to dis­cuss agree­ments with oth­ers, ac­cept du­ties, and do what is ex­pected of you. Def­i­nitely mo­ments of blow­ing hot and cold.


To­day: Con­ver­sa­tions with part­ners and close friends might be stilted or dif­fi­cult. You might feel some­one is crit­i­cal. They might re­ject your sug­ges­tions or be tough to deal with. Many peo­ple feel timid and cau­tious to­day.

Sun­day: This is an ac­ci­dent-prone time for kids, which means you have to be more vig­i­lant than usual. Know where they are at all times. Make sure you re­move them from haz­ardous sit­u­a­tions. Mean­while, so­cial oc­ca­sions might be can­celled or changed.

This week: In­creased chaos at home are a clear mes­sage to you. You have to be tol­er­ant with loved ones. Guests, ren­o­va­tions, moves and peo­ple at home who don’t agree with you will try your pa­tience. For­tu­nately, fair Venus is trav­el­ling through your Fifth House, which pro­motes fun and games with your kids. Cre­ative ac­tiv­i­ties will please you. Ro­mance will flour­ish. You have earned this right to take a break and en­joy your­self.

LEO (JULY 23 — AUG. 22)

To­day: You might have to work hard but not en­tirely get credit for it. In ad­di­tion, it’s hard to please bosses, par­ents and teach­ers. Just cope as best you can and re­al­ize ev­ery­one is in the same boat.

Sun­day: Mi­nor break­ages could oc­cur or per­haps a fam­ily ar­gu­ment might break out. Some­thing will change your home rou­tine, that’s for sure. Slow down to avoid ac­ci­dents. Stay calm and don’t over­re­act, es­pe­cially with fam­ily mem­bers.

This week: You’re a nat­u­ral leader; plus you are the­atri­cal and melo­dra­matic. Right now you iden­tify with your ideas so strongly, you might be ar­gu­men­ta­tive. You feel the need to drive your point home, and you’re tempted to co­erce oth­ers into be­liev­ing as you do. Re­mem­ber that if you re­ally want peo­ple to lis­ten to you — whis­per. En­joy quiet hours at home, even if you are en­ter­tain­ing. Your home is your refuge right now. Let your en­ergy wind down so you can re­lax and en­joy your home ei­ther alone or with friends and a nice Pinot Noir.

VIRGO (AUG. 23 — SEPT. 22)

To­day: Chil­dren might be an in­creased bur­den or re­spon­si­bil­ity. Plus so­cial obli­ga­tions might be a drag. An­other area that might be a downer is the de­mands of sports or train­ing in the arts. “It’s show time!”

Sun­day: Pay at­ten­tion to ev­ery­thing you say and do be­cause this is an ac­ci­dent-prone time. Think be­fore you speak. Think be­fore you act. This way, you will re­duce be­ing caught off guard or deal­ing with some­thing for which you’re not pre­pared.

This week: You will work to earn money be­cause you equate your wealth and what you own with your per­sonal sense of worth. Ob­vi­ously, you are not your bank ac­count or your home. The up­shot is you will also spend it lav­ishly! You might get into dis­putes with some­one about money. For­tu­nately, Venus will make you ap­pre­ci­ate your daily con­tacts. Venus will also help you ap­pre­ci­ate your daily sur­round­ings. (Ap­pre­ci­a­tion is vi­tal to hap­pi­ness.)

LIBRA (SEPT. 23 — OCT. 22)

To­day: An older fam­ily mem­ber might dis­cour­age or de­press you. The Moon is lined up with stern Saturn and Saturn is de­mand­ing and tough. “Make your bed.”

“Pile that wood.” “Move that moun­tain.”

Sun­day: Some­thing un­ex­pected will im­pact your as­sets. For ex­am­ple, you might find money or lose money. Like­wise, some­thing you own might be lost, stolen or dam­aged. Keep your eyes open! This week: Your sign ex­cels in law, high-fash­ion, in­te­rior dec­o­rat­ing and de­sign, ar­bi­tra­tion and pro­mot­ing peace and good­will. You are a peo­ple pleaser, and you hate to rock the boat. You want to make sure ev­ery­one gets along. This week, how­ever, you’ll be ag­gres­sive, vig­or­ous and will make a strong im­pres­sion. You will be much more of a fighter for your own rights than usual and your phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity will be pumped! This con­flicts with your de­sire to keep ev­ery­one happy. A chal­lenge? Yes, but you can han­dle it.

SCORPIO (OCT. 23 — NOV. 21)

To­day: It’s easy to fall into worry mode; many peo­ple are de­spon­dent, self-crit­i­cal and lack­ing in con­fi­dence. Don’t pay at­ten­tion to these feel­ings; they come and go.

Sun­day: You think and talk fast. How­ever, you might be too im­pul­sive or slap­dash for tasks that re­quire dis­ci­pline and at­ten­tion to de­tail. Don’t be too blunt or off­hand.

This week: You’re strong-willed. The cur­rent plan­e­tary as­pects are dif­fi­cult if not han­dled prop­erly. You feel frus­trated be­cause you’re not get­ting credit for what you do. You feel un­easy be­cause it seems that in­ad­ver­tently you cre­ate the wrong im­pres­sion. The way to to han­dle this is to be con­scious of your­self and any self-de­feat­ing acts. Be mind­ful and aware of what you say, what you do and where you are — at all times.

(You might dis­cover you need to con­front your­self in­stead of some­one else.) For­tu­nately, Venus helps you re­late to ev­ery­one. Venus wants you to make peace by mak­ing it easy for you to be diplo­matic and charm­ing. You’re saved.


To­day: Money feels tight, but even rich peo­ple can feel broke. Some peo­ple are rich in hap­pi­ness and peace of mind. Mike Todd said, “I’ve never been poor only broke. Be­ing poor is a state of mind. Be­ing broke is tem­po­rary.”

Sun­day: Some­thing go­ing on be­hind the scenes will prob­a­bly catch you off guard to­day or to­mor­row. There’s not much you can do to pre­pare for this ex­cept to be mind­ful and alert. Keep your day or­derly so that you have room to deal with the un­ex­pected. Be cool.

This week: You’re the most fu­ture-ori­ented sign! The cur­rent Sun-Mars combo is per­fect for you be­cause it en­cour­ages you to make goals and pur­sue them. You’re will­ing to work to­day be­cause of what this will bring you to­mor­row. But you need to work with oth­ers. How­ever, Mars makes you want to go it alone! You need to co-or­di­nate your needs with the needs of oth­ers. Make their goals your goals or vice versa. Mean­while, phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity will re­ally turn you on and give you a sense of per­sonal grat­i­fi­ca­tion. And yes, se­cret love af­fairs are per­co­lat­ing on the back burner.


To­day: Many peo­ple feel cau­tious, timid, crit­i­cal and stingy. De­pres­sion is likely. On the up­side, duty and or­der­li­ness will be a pri­or­ity. Sun­day: A friend, es­pe­cially some­one younger, might do or say some­thing that shocks you. Al­ter­na­tively, you might meet some­one who is a real char­ac­ter. This per­son might chal­lenge your way of think­ing or re­veal some side of them­selves you never saw be­fore.

This week: Sta­tus and the re­spect of your peers mat­ter to you. This is a time of strong ex­pres­sion of your ego. You want to achieve and you will work hard to get some­thing done. You want to be able to do your thing. You want to be your own boss. This might put you in con­flict with author­ity fig­ures. Be care­ful. You don’t want to lose the progress you’ve al­ready made. Don’t cre­ate en­e­mies. Think of your long-term ob­jec­tive. For­tu­nately, Venus is in a won­der­ful po­si­tion to help you with friends and groups. Venus will help you com­pro­mise with­out feel­ing you’re los­ing some­thing per­son­ally.

AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 — FEB. 18)

To­day: You might pre­fer to work alone or be­hind the scenes. Many of you don’t feel up to so­cial­iz­ing or be­ing in the lime­light. You want to keep your head down and your pow­der dry.

Sun­day: Get ready for a few sur­prises to­day (or to­mor­row). Your deal­ings with author­ity fig­ures will in­volve some­thing un­ex­pected. Mon­i­tor your ac­tions and be aware that you could be scru­ti­nized.

This week: Friend­ships, in­de­pen­dence and a de­sire to make the world a bet­ter place are im­por­tant to you. The cur­rent plan­e­tary combo makes you want to con­vey your views to the world — ideas that you con­sider to be im­por­tant to de­fend if nec­es­sary. How­ever, when you iden­tify your ego with your ideas, you be­lieve that you are that idea, which is why you will de­fend it at all costs. In­stead, look for ex­pe­ri­ences that open new di­men­sions of re­al­ity and quit wast­ing time de­fend­ing your ideas. Ex­pand and en­large your present be­liefs through travel or learn­ing. Mean­while, ro­mance with some­one older or in a po­si­tion of power might blos­som.


To­day: Some­one older might be crit­i­cal or de­mand­ing. But what can you do? Try to avoid de­press­ing peo­ple, even if you feel a bit down.

Sun­day: Travel plans will be changed, can­celled or mod­i­fied. Al­ter­na­tively, you might sud­denly have to travel when you did not ex­pect to. To­day is full of un­pre­dictable hap­pen­ings.

This week: Right now, the Sun and Mars are in the part of your chart that af­fects your pas­sion, your wealth and the val­ues you share with oth­ers. Pos­si­bly, your val­ues are at odds or you might dis­agree with some­one about the man­age­ment of jointly held re­sources? Ego con­flicts might foul up ne­go­ti­a­tions. All of this is pas­sion­ate and in­tense, speak­ing of which, sex will be pas­sion­ate! At this time, some­thing is fad­ing away to cre­ate room for some­thing new to be­gin. Mean­while, travel for plea­sure and an op­por­tu­nity to learn some­thing new as well as en­gage (per­haps ro­man­ti­cally) with some­one who is “dif­fer­ent” are at hand for you.

If your birth­day is to­day: Ac­tress Kate Winslet (1975) shares your birth­day. You are imag­i­na­tive, cre­ative and in­di­vid­u­al­is­tic. You are some­times se­ri­ous be­cause of spe­cific ideas and be­liefs. This year you are wind­ing up things you be­gan nine years ago. It’s time to leave be­hind bur­dens and move to some­thing new and lighter! Start to iden­tify what is no longer rel­e­vant in your life. You are light­en­ing your load to get ready for new be­gin­nings.

If your birth­day is on Sun­day: Ac­tress Elis­a­beth Shue (1963) shares your birth­day. You are kind, pleasant, cheery and op­ti­mistic. You can also be per­sua­sive es­pe­cially be­cause oth­ers will lis­ten to you. Now is the time to clar­ify goals be­cause you’re en­ter­ing a year of ex­cit­ing changes and new be­gin­nings! Start to de­fine what you want for your­self in the next sev­eral years. Be proac­tive! This year you will feel en­er­getic.

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