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Watching out


Re: “Keep cyclists off the road,” Letter, Jan. 25.

I am a regular cycle com- muter. I agree there are many boneheaded cyclists. I see them every day. I am more worried about the boneheaded car drivers, though, since they can easily kill me.

I also agree Calgary needs more bike infrastruc­ture. I hope Jeff Carruthers understand­s this means the conversion of selected traffic lanes to separate bike lanes. This will help profession­al drivers make more efficient use of the roads, since every cyclist could be the driver of a car causing congestion.

On-street bike lanes, plus the existing pathway system, could help make Calgary a bike-friendly city. However, bikes will always need to share the road with cars. Hopefully, the next cyclist Carruthers encounters will obey the rules of the road, as I do.

Matthew Line, Calgary

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