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Running scared


Re: “Panel votes to end fluoride,” Jan. 27.

Ald. Druh Farrell failed to make fluoridati­on an election issue three months ago, but now raises it after being safely elected. This was decided last, by citizens, not council, in a plebiscite as part of a previous election.

Now, council is pretty much voting to remove fluoride from the water, ignoring the majority of expert medical opinion that it is beneficial.

Sure, some doctors say it is no good, but one can never achieve a consensus. Council is voting via populist fear, as opposed to what science says, and overturnin­g a majority plebiscite vote.

What’s next, Druh? Going to bring a motion to give aldermen another raise? That would also be in line with what politician­s do after an election. Leave the fluoride debate to the next election and make it an issue for the people to decide.

Eric Collins, Calgary

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