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Get rid of it


Re: “Subsidizin­g separation,” Editorial, Jan. 25.

The Herald argues that Canadian taxpayers should not subsidize a political party that advocates the breakup of the country and that fields candidates in a limited number of ridings.

Does the Herald forget that Quebecers pay their share of federal tax dollars, too?

Whether you or I agree with their political platform is irrelevant. Would you have argued similarly when Reform was a western-based regional party, with no candidates east of Manitoba for so many years, had the funding law been in place at the time? I highly doubt it.

The real issue, though, is whether tax dollars should be used at all to fund political parties of any stripe. If the goal is to level the playing field, then eliminate taxpayer funding altogether.

Let the parties live and die on their own ability to generate contributi­ons. That way, those who favour a particular option would be able to put their money where their mouth is, and others would not have their tax dollars supporting one they didn’t.

Pierre Simard, Calgary

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