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Merci, Gilles


Re: “Bloc wants $5B for Quebec in exchange for its support,” Jan. 27.

I applaud Gilles Duceppe for standing up for Quebec and demanding $5 billion more in exchange for support for Stephen Harper’s budget.

As he states, he is standing up in the best interests of the people in Quebec — the people who elected him and his party.

I hope our elected officials here in Alberta take note and do the same.

Despite Alberta running a provincial deficit, our federally elected officials have not stepped forward in the best interests of Albertans and suggested our federal responsibi­lity in transfer payments be reduced by the amount of our provincial deficit until we are in a financial position to once again increase those transfer payments.

I would like to thank Duceppe for pointing out the obvious. Albertans should not be expected to live above their means to support Quebec.

Darrell Dvorak, Calgary

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