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N.Y. senator seeks ban on pedestrian cellphone use


New Yorkers should be banned from talking on cellphones when crossing the road, a state senator says, citing examples of distracted pedestrian­s walking into vehicles and even fountains.

A bill introduced by state Senator Carl Kruger would make it illegal to talk on phones, read BlackBerry­s, listen to iPods or use any other electronic device while crossing the street.

“You can’t be fully aware of your surroundin­gs if you’re fiddling with a BlackBerry, dialing a phone number, playing Super Mario Brothers on a Game Boy or listening to music on an iPod,” Kruger said.

He cited a rise in “accidents stemming from pedestrian distractio­n,” including the death of a 21-year-old man crushed by a Mack truck while listening on headphones to music and a woman “engrossed in conversati­on on her cellphone walking straight into a park fountain.”

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