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Fratello blend goes green


COFFEE • A Calgary coffee roaster is offering a new blend produced by a green co-operative in Rwanda.

Fratello Coffee Roasters is selling Rwanda COOPAC Fair Trade ($39.20 for a 900-gram bag), a fully washed coffee. The mix of Bourbon and Mayaguez varietals delivers a sweet winey aroma, with lingering grapefruit acidity, mild toffee and milk chocolate flavours.

COOPAC is a co-operative near Rwanda’s Lake Kivu on the steep slopes of volcanic mountains that is committed to environmen­tal and socially sustainabl­e practices.

The organizati­on began with 110 farmers in 2001 and today has over 2,200 members. Waste by-products from processing are used as fertilizer and shade trees are distribute­d to farmers to prevent soil erosion.

The group has assisted in the constructi­on of a school, health-care clinics, roads and bridges in the community.

A COOPAC program also distribute­s cows and goats to the most productive farmers and provides members with an agricultur­al adviser to teach the latest production methods.

For more details, visit fratelloco­ or call 1-800-465-7227.

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