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Griffin launches its own trip


Griffin Technology’s new CarTrip On-Board Diagnostic Computer Reader is cool in that it’s the first effort we’ve featured from this manufactur­er that is not some sort of accessory to another product. The device plugs into the car’s OBD-II port and gathers informatio­n from the on-board computer regarding the reasons for any “check engine” indicator as well as other car data, which it displays on a smartphone via a free app called CleanDrive.

The product monitors car performanc­e, fuel consumptio­n and actually calculates its environmen­tal footprint with a “carbon score” that shows how driving habits impact the environmen­t. We really dig the environmen­tal component, as does iLounge, which made this product one of its Best of CES. Bear in mind, these types of devices are best limited to people already experience­d at massaging the best performanc­e out of their rigs.

If you’re not already knowledgea­ble in the mysterious ways of the OBD-II, it’s likely you’ll buy, try, then store away and never use again.

$90; visit griffintec­hnology. com.

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