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Cheers to the coalition


SOCIAL MEDIA • If Canadians are hanging on politician­s’ every word this election, there’s a good chance it’s because alcohol is involved.

The “coalition” drinking game was sparked on Twitter shortly after a Brampton, Ont., speech in which Stephen Harper dropped the political c-bomb a full 21 times in 10 minutes. From that point forward, every time the Conservati­ve leader used the contentiou­s term, the rules dictated that a shot must be swigged.

Both a social-media meme and an actual practice, the game has since come to include the rhetoric of every party leader, with the addition of such talking points as “families” (Drink!), “Ottawa is broken” (Drink!), and “sandwich generation” (Drink!).

Lucas Marco, a political science graduate from Victoria, said he plans to “take in the leaders debate with a bottle of something strong.” Some of the words for which he suggests fellow imbibers listen include “families,” “hardworkin­g Canadians,” “fighter jets” and, naturally, “coalition.”

But he hastened to add players should probably be assigned an individual buzzword or party leader, rather than having to take a shot at every utterance of every expression. If you combine all those catchphras­es,” said Marco, “you’re going to drink yourself silly!”

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