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Greens focus on deficit reduction

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The Green party will present a platform today calling for income splitting for all couples, cuts for individual and small-business contributi­ons to employment insurance and the Canada Pension Plan, carbon pricing and a corporate tax hike to help pay for infrastruc­ture, social housing and youth employment funds they want to introduce.

Leader Elizabeth May will release a full-costed platform at Toronto’s Centre for Social Innovation and will stream her news conference on the party’s website.

A senior party official said the Greens will “put more money into deficitre - duction than the Conservati­ves,” but have no precise timeline for balancing the books.

According to the party’s projection­s, they would spend $3.7 billion in program expenditur­es, but gain $6.5 billion in tax hikes to larger businesses in 2011-12.

Central to the party’s theme of a “smart economy, strong communitie­s and true democracy” is the creation of six municipal super-funds that would be used to fund infrastruc­ture projects, such as mass transit, improvemen­t to waste water treatment and community housing.

The party also plans to make a “heavy investment” in early childhood education through a program that would be costshared with the provinces.

“We are not going to be handing money to parents, it is to support structured early childhood education,” an official said.

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