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Child murderer gets escorted day leave three years after rampage


VANCOUVER • Convicted child murderer Allan Schoenborn has been granted “some community access” in the form of escorted day leaves by the B.C. Review Board. Schoenborn, 42, had pleaded at his hearing Tuesday to “get out in the community, go down to the mall for coffee.”

The board said Wednesday that Schoenborn now will get “escorted leaves.”

Review board chairman Bernd Walter said that Schoenborn isn’t likely to be seen at the mall but he could go swimming or exercise at a neighbourh­ood fitness place, with escorts present.

“He will have no unnecessar­y access to the community and no overnight leaves but he could be given escorted day leaves, for example to a recreation centre or for fitness purposes,” said Walter.

It was exactly three years ago Wednesday that Schoenborn methodical­ly killed each of his three children in turn, slashing Kaitlynne, 10, and smothering his two boys Max, 8, and Cordon, 5.

 ??  ?? Allan Schoenborn
Allan Schoenborn

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