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Spanish town sets up dog DNA database to prevent foul play


Madrid • A Spanish town has set up a DNA database to track down owners who allow their dogs to mess in streets and parks without clearing it up.

The town council of Hernani, near San Sebastian in northern Spain, approved the introducti­on of a bylaw last week that will force owners to register their pet’s DNA for a municipal dog census.

Under the scheme, which residents have called “Canine CSI,” deposits in the street will be collected by a team and sent to laboratori­es at the University of the Basque Country for analysis.

Owners of dogs whose DNA matches the samples will be tracked down through the database and will face fines of up to $412. Those who refuse to provide DNA analysis of their dogs face similar fines.

“People should not have to suffer this filth,” said Marian Beitialarr­angoitia, the mayor from the separatist Basque party, ANV, who introduced the initiative. She added that the scheme would also help identify lost or abandoned dogs in the area.

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