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Let’s sit this dance out


Play it again, Sam. Or make that, play it again, Naheed.

We’re sad to see this council preparing to engage in the same old mating dance with taxpayers as did the councils before it.

Like a male bird fluffing up its plumage to make itself look fiercer than it is, council is sowing the seeds of fear in the citizenry by issuing rumblings about a 23 per cent tax increase over the coming three years.

And like a scientist who watches the bird dance and knows the next step that will follow in its courtship ritual, so too do Calgarians know exactly what’s coming next from council. There’ll be dire warnings about cuts to emergency services, ominous threats of a dearth of snow-clearing resources next winter, and solemn assurances — which will be believed by no one — that everything that could be cut, has been. Council will send forth periodic announceme­nts that they are hunkered down in all-night budget sessions, practicall­y hallucinat­ing from sleep deprivatio­n, but determined to save Calgarians from the horrors of that 23 per cent hike.

At last, the male bird will quit posturing and sidle up to the female, who will allow herself to be wooed.

At last, council will declare the budget beast has been slain. Posturing over the 23 per cent threat will end — but Calgarians won’t be wooed.

That’s because we’ve seen it all before. And we expect better. Frankly, we thought the PurpleRevo­lutionwoul­dmean an end to these tired old games at city hall. Dance? No, thanks, we’ll sit this one out.

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