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Not guilty


While I agree with the central theme of Naomi Lakritz’s column, I don’t think that by bending over backward not to offend we can ever hope to placate the Muslim extremist. He is offended not only if a copy of the Qur’an is burned, but if someone makes a joke about Muhammad, as if the Prophet and Almighty Allah Himself cannot defend themselves without our help.

This sort of faux Islam is offended at the sight of a Jew or any other infidel. He is driven to homicidal passion at the thought of girls receiving an education or women having careers. Dogs are not his best friend and bacon is the food of Satan. The consumptio­n of liquor by anyone under his jurisdicti­on is punishable by the lash and imprisonme­nt. The uncovered face of a woman is an abominatio­n and one behind the wheel of an automobile liable to a good thrashing if she is lucky. There is no end to these sensitivit­ies.

Pastor Terry Jones may be a mischievou­s grandstand­er, but mature people (including most Muslims, I suspect) choose to ignore such antics and move on, which is the best way to minimize re-occurrence. Don’t hold Jones responsibl­e for recent attacks on UN personnel. He is an amateur compared to those he has offended.

Garth Klatt, Calgary

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