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Love being ignored


Re: “Ripe for change,” Letter, April 5, “Promises, promises,” Letter, March 31, “Right gets it wrong,” Letter, March 30, and “Scorecard,” Letter, March 24.

Around election time, I notice a disturbing propensity of the liberals among us to write letters to the editor urging Albertans to vote for someone other than Conservati­ves because we are apparently being ignored and taken for granted.

Quite frankly, that is just the way we like it. It’s when the Liberals and their NDP stooges start paying attention to us that our economy gets destroyed by their NEP. Fast forward to now and their attacks on our “dirty oil” should give all Albertans cause for concern.

I might remind these people, the last time we voted Liberal, we ended up with another supposed intellectu­al — Pierre Trudeau — and it’s taken 40 years to recover from that disaster.

What should really concern western Canadians is the inequality of an electoral system that gives a disproport­ionate amount of seats to Quebec, P.E.I., etc. A true democracy operates on a one-man one-vote principle. Apparently, not in Canada.

Scott Armitage, Calgary

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