Calgary Herald

teen still in hospital after being dragged

- CorEy Davison

A Calgary teen who suffered numerous injuries after he was dragged by a car last Wednesday night is stable, but still recovering in the Foothills Hospital.

Matthew Roberts, 18, was walking through the parking lot of Sunridge Mall when four men in a silver sedan, claiming to have car trouble, asked to borrow his Blackberry.

The incident took place around 9 p.m. when Roberts was on his way home from the Rundle LRT station.

When it became apparent that the men were not going to return his phone, Roberts reached into the car to try to get it back. At this point, the driver accelerate­d, dragging the teen approximat­ely seven metres.

“We believe at this point that Matthew either grabbed hold of the car because it was moving and had taken him off his feet, or his jacket may have gotten caught in the vehicle,” said Wayne Roberts, the victim’s father.

The victim suffered a broken sternum, six broken ribs, two broken fingers, a fractured spine and internal bruising.

“He’s still in the trauma unit and they don’t want to release him yet because he’s not able to walk without aid,” said the victim’s father. “But he’s stable and they’ve given him excellent care.”

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