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Chevy Volt will text you when it needs a recharge


“Hello, this is your car calling. You forgot to plug me in.”

It's General Motors' answer for those of us who can't even remember to plug in our cellphones: An electric car that texts or e-mails a gentle reminder if you walk away and forget to plug it in.

On display at the Vancouver Auto Show this week, the Chevy Volt — an electric/gas hybrid that can run up to 80 kilometres on its electric charge before the gas engine kicks in — was the subject of a demo of GM's mobile app Onstar MyLink.

While the applicatio­n, which works on Apple's iPhone and iPads, as well as Android smartphone­s and tab- let computers, keeps track of the electric components of the Volt, it also works on GM's more convention­al cars.

Sitting at the breakfast table reading your newspaper on your iPad, you can flick over to your car's app to get it warmed up.

You can check your gas, check battery levels and other diagnostic informatio­n plus check that you locked the doors when you left the car.

No more standing in line wondering.

TheMyLinka­pplaunched­in the United States last fall and it's now available in Canada on many 2011 Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC vehicles. The app is free.

The Chevy Volt, on the other hand, won't come to Canada until the third quarter of 2011.

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