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Vampire audience grows

- AlEx StrAchAn

It’s a good thing vampires don’t die, because otherwise, viewers might have forgotten The Vampire Diaries entirely. It’s a good thing, too, for Diaries’ sake, that some TV viewers are so loyal, they’ll put up with just about anything.

Tonight’s outing is The Vampire Diaries’ first taste of fresh blood since late February. That’s a long time between episodes, but it’s par for the course for network TV, which is now in the habit of taking five-week vacations in the middle of the school year — this, on top of the traditiona­l four-month summer vacation and time off for Christmas.

Tonight’s episode picks up with the sudden, unexpected return to Mystic Falls of Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) birth mother, Isobel Fleming-Saltzman, played by Mia Kirshner.

Isobel’s arrival, like some ghostly spectre from a Charlotte Bronte Gothic novel, immediatel­y has Mystic residents beside themselves with anxiety. Isobel’s return causes Elena and history teacher Alaric (Matt Davis) to lash out at Jonathan Gilbert (David Anders), who has a lot to answer for, both in this world and the next.

In any ordinary circumstan­ce, The Vampire Diaries’ complicate­d plot — the one thing hardcore fans love most about the series — and its haphazard scheduling would spell doom. Instead, thanks to its deeply textured characters, and heartfelt performanc­es, The Vampire Diaries is now The CW’s most-watched series, and is actually growing viewers by the week, not losing them. (WGN, WPIX – 6 p.m., KTLA – 9 p.m.)

 ??  ?? Davis: deeply textured
Davis: deeply textured

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