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Al fresco living — inspiratio­n from the field


Whether it’s sitting in the garden with a steaming cup of coffee, entertaini­ng friends, or simply admiring the view, gardeners of all kinds will use their landscape to maximize outdoor living.

Ideas for creating peaceful spaces can come from a variety of sources, including from other people’s gardens.

location, can Regardless gain insight scale of or your and style, inspiratio­n landscape you wherever they go. In her talk, Jane Reksten, botanical education co-ordinator at the Calgary Zoo, will use images from her travels to show how easy it is to be inspired by any garden you visit. “Regardless of where you are

or whose garden you are in, you can always get some kind of idea or inspiratio­n,” says Reksten, who will highlight gardens she’s visited in New York City, Campbell River, B.C., and Calgary, to name a few. For example, if you like a combinatio­n of colours and textures, it’s your job to figure

out how to do something similar in your climate back home. The same thing goes for materials. How can you find a way to create that same feeling, asks Reksten, who will explain how to glean something from any garden you visit. “I think you can always take away at least a couple of ideas.”

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