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Gardening with Colour

Elements of design to make your garden into a work of art

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Using living things to create a living, changing sculpture is an amazing way to be creative in the garden.

“By using simple design principles, you will start to think more about your own designs as art, your garden as the gallery and yourself as the artist who makes it all happen,” says Rob Sproule of Salisbury

Greenhouse, Edmonton. which is located near Sproule has two goals in his presentati­on, which is based on his new book, Gardening with Colour, available across Canada from Lone Pine Publishing: “I want to give you the tools you need to make you confident enough to be creative and take chances with your own

living excited art. about I also container want to gardening make you — it’s truly an art form with no boundaries,” says Sproule, who is part of the third generation of his family at the helm of Salisbury Greenhouse. “For me, the key is to really excite people to go do it, and not be scared of doing it. You can take

have these some to basic principles, know informatio­n a whole and you lot about don’t beyond plants — and you’re on your way.” The design principles that Sproule will discuss are universal laws that gardeners can use to make beautiful, eye-catching containers.

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